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This avatar the last airbender quiz is certainly a way to show your knowledge about this animation. The last airbender fans can get 7/10 on this quotes quiz.

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Each of the elements is associated with a group of people who can perform the act.


Avatar the last airbender quotes quiz. Bato is cooking stewed sea prunes which is a. It follows the adventures of aang, the successor to a long line of avatars, and his friends katara, sokka and later toph, and their two animal companions appa and momo in their quest to save the world from the merciless fire nation, while avoiding capture from pursuers including prince zuko. The last airbender episodes 6;

Despite the fact that it’s a “kid’s show” that aired on nickelodeon, avatar” the last airbender is filled to the brim with plenty of wise quotes and adages. Well, take this quiz to find out which element you would be. Where the avatar was encased for a hundred years.

It has been nominated for and won several awards, including annie awards, genesis awards, a primetime emmy award. Test your knowledge and find out! Characters by first and last lines 2;

Waterbender earthbender fire nation water tribe air nomads earth kingdom aang toph. This is a pretty decent length quiz and the results have a very good. The last airbender trivia quizzes.

The last airbender was an animated series that ran on nickelodeon for four seasons from 2005 to was followed by a sequel, the legend of korra, which also ran for four seasons from 2012 to 2014.the franchise was both commercially successful and critically acclaimed. A quiz about the nick show avatar: Which real country was the inspiration for the fire nation?

The last airbender characters 7; How well do you remember nickelodeon's crown jewel? Avatar is one of the most popular and influential animated series owing to its enjoyable content and hidden messages.

'you already saved the world and you'll save the world again, but you can't give up.'. Don't try to remember from memory, if you can find the exact quote from somewhere trustworthy, that'd be great! When the gang visits a village, they realize that their friend bato is there.

The last airbender, in february 2005 and later, in the legend of korra. it is the ability to manipulate one of the four classic elements: Our online avatar the last airbender trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top avatar the last airbender quizzes. Catchphrase to character picture match 1

A comprehensive database of more than 46 avatar the last airbender quizzes online, test your knowledge with avatar the last airbender quiz questions. Just for fun tv avatar the last airbender avatar atla. Name of the war being fought.

Movies tv avatar airbender nick firebender. Bato of the water tribe. Air, water, fire and earth.

'in our hands is the most successful empire in history!'. Here's a spot to contribute quotes from the show. Kingdom ruled by king bumi.

9,547,988 viewers become a fan. Unfortunately for you you're made of meat!'. We have a bender quiz that will make you stand apart from the other crowd of people as it contains questions that only a true fan would be able to answer.

But the map is beautiful! Leader of the freedom fighters. This quiz is all about avatar:

The last airbender is a phenomenal show packed with humor, fantasy, culture, and entertainment. Can you conquer the quiz world as well as the elements? Avatar trivia nickelodeon cartoons legend of korra the last airbender the last air bender avaar the last airbender zuko aang sokka iroh bending airbending report

The last airbender | nickelodeon animation studio | viacomcbs domestic media networks. Ktlady posted on jan 05, 2008 at 06:36pm. If you were a bender in the avatar the last avatar universe what would you bend?

'if you are killed in the avatar state, the reincarnation cycle will be broken and the avatar will cease to exist.'. I'm a fan of avatar, but i never saw a map of this universe before this one, so my score is very bad. The art of bending was first seen in the nickelodeon animated series, avatar:

I leave for two weeks now, but if you want, you could collab this quiz with me, and i could translate it in french for you with pleasure. If there has been any show or movie that has affected you to the lengths that you have gone. I will give you a rhyming sentence and you will tell me which character it's about.

If you are a fan of this animated show, the best way to prove it is by taking this quiz!

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