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Every 15 year old girl: Join the world’s greatest action hero in duke nukem 3d:

Epingle Sur Le Jeu Video Duke Nukem 3d Bientot Adapte Au Cinema Avec John Cena Voix De Jon St John Invasion Alien Time To Chew Bubble Gum

(quoting they live) boooorn tooo beee wiiiiiiild.


Duke nukem quotes bubblegum. (upon urinating) after a few days of r&r. (quoting big trouble in little china) bitchin'! Blow it out your ass!

The game follows duke nukem in the year 1997 as he tries to stop a mad scientist named dr. Modification of the duke.rts file. Have all your friends install priss nukem, then have priss matches with everyone in hardsuits!

On october 30th, 2012, an anonymous /v/ user posted, itt: 1 biography 2 arcade 2.1 opening 2.2 rival 2.3 ending 3 gameplay 4 quotes and taunts 4.1 taunts 4.2 quotes 5 intros and outros 5.1. Ridicule your opponents in japanese!

I say this as he then adds and deep too tonight, you dine in hell! I'll be ready for more action! It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and i'm all out of gum! there's probably even more than that, though i can't think of any that haven't already been mentioned.

All of the classic one liners with a few extras! It's time to chew ass. (reference from the movie 300)

Bill nye mentioned his famous quote “everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”. 1 abilities 2 tips for playing as duke nukem 3 tips for playing against duke nukem 4 quotes 5 trivia rage: (after defeating the battlelord, in reference to jaws) eat shit and die.

The famous quotes from duke nukem is inspired by many popular 80s/90s movies, most notably in army of darkness is bruce campbell's come get some! Duke nukem was subjected in an online series of game theory where most of the inspiration was founded for the character. He originates from the video game series of the same name.

3d is set after the events of duke nukem ii, as duke returns to earth to celebrate his victory over the rigelatins. Proton from taking over the world with his army of techbots. Dick kickem is a nickname for video game character duke nukem associated with various video edits, in particular one where an impersonator reads a variation of the phrase i'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum in duke's voice.

This is a complete list of quotes spoken by duke nukem across various editions of duke nukem 3d: 20 th anniversary world tour as he saves earth once again, kicking alien ass and saving babes across the globe along the way. Manhattan project, the big bad.

Sounds, including new priss quotes, bonus screen music and a rockin' new ending theme! Duke nukem 3d is the third game of the duke nukem series, and the most famous of the duke franchise. I do but having chicks and quotes, and alien pigs , vending machines to screw around with in the movie theater area was fun more ».

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and i'm all out of gum! The 60 most iconic duke nukem quotes. This is the ultimate duke nukem soundboard, with new stuff added as i find it.

It was the most controversial of the installments, due to its portrayal of women and erotic elements. Shotgun duke nukem scares everyone around him and gets a shotgun with 6 bullets in the clip. More duke nukem 3d quotes ».

If you only see 41, clear your browser cache! There have been new tracks added. Its time to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

More duke nukem 64 quotes »collection edit buy. (part of the ending sequence after completing shrapnel city) get back to work, you slacker! Duke nukem bubblegum quote its time to kick gum and chew ass powerfulrd quotes from duke.

I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and i'm all out of bubblegum. duke nukem 3d: Duke sprites have been replaced with 3d rendered priss! (singing born to be wild by steppenwolf.

(while pissing at the beginning of the game, a reference to the protracted and extensive development time of duke nukem forever) a reference to a famous old joke involving john holmes, the late porn star. And i'm all out of gum. he has since starred in multiple sequels developed by 3d realms, and presently by gearbox software who have since bought the rights to duke nukem and own the intellectual property. It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and i'm all out of gum. in duke nukem:

(quoting yoda) die, you son of a bitch! (5.00 / 2 votes) 793 views.

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