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Use floorsaver epoxy floor paint where an ordinary single pack paint won't do. (epoxy paint is the best choice for floors, which take a lot of abuse.

Metallic Epoxy Penthouse Floor Painted concrete floors

Should you decide to take on laying an epoxy coating, here is an overview of the steps:


How to paint concrete floors with epoxy. Apply your primer with a paint roller and brush in thin even coats. The paint does not require you to break up the slab or resurface any area. Suitable where heavy traffic such as forklifts and pallet trucks are present.

Epoxy coatings are an inexpensive option to update the concrete floors. This product can also be used as a protective coating on steel products. The most common problem people encounter when applying epoxy to a horizontal concrete surface is adhesion.

You should choose a paint type that best suits your floor, latex paint works well for interior concrete floors, however it is not suitable for high traffic areas, especially in. Thomas northcut/photodisc/getty images take your vitamins before you paint a concrete floor with epoxy paint; Select a primer that’s compatible with both concrete and the epoxy paint that you’ll use as a finish coat.

Most epoxy paint coatings for concrete floors are just a few mil’s thick. Vertical walls need simply to have a coat of primer and a coat of paint. Take your garage or basement and give it a new look instantly.

But the problem is they just don’t hold up to the daily abuse. While the latex paint is a bit of a cheaper option in the short term, epoxy paint is more durable and will provide a better bond to the concrete making it more chip resistant. Epoxy paint provides a durable coating, but the floor needs to be.

The border should extend at least 12 inches. An important step in the extending the life of new epoxy flooring is proper preparation before the application begins. Yes you can clean it.

Now that you’ve finished the prep work, you can start to apply the paint. The results of the epoxy coat will be best if you adhere to all of these preparation steps. If you do not mix them well your epoxy paint can go streaky or tacky.

Prior to mixing epoxy, you will need to ensure that you have covered the desired areas, where it doesn’t need to be applied, with painter’s tape. Concrete floors are a horse of a different color. One reason they cost so little per square foot is because there isn’t anything to it.

This is a crucial step if you want to apply epoxy paint on a concrete floor. Some people call it garage floor paint, the actual product is called an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy coatings are used for automotive shop areas, warehouse floors even residential garage floors.

Add desired decorative flakes, aggregate or metallic pigments. See more ideas about epoxy concrete floor, concrete floors, house design. Epoxy paint is to thin for concrete floors.

Epoxy floor coatings color chart. Most concrete floors are painted with epoxy paint. The paint is easy to install and can dramatically improve the look and feel of the concrete.

Revive concrete floors with epoxy paint. Epoxy coatings come in a wide range of colors, (see color chart below). The thinner the coating the less product is required and the lower the cost.

Using a paintbrush, paint along the entire border of the basement floor. Clean, grind or acid etch the surface and vacuum up dust. There are a number of coatings that are suitable for concrete floors, and one of these is paint, more specifically, epoxy paint.

I like to use at least two coats. It’s a great choice for floors because it’s durable and can take a lot of abuse when compared to latex paints. You have to prepare the floor properly to ensure the paint adheres, so roll up your sleeves, because there's a lot of work to do before you can paint.

The job is labor intensive. That is why concrete is grinded smoother during an acid wash or staining. Mix it well for about five minutes using a wooden stick or a paint stirrer.

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