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I am in the process of refinishing floors and repainting walls. Painting walls before renovating flooring.

Stained Plywood Flooring the walls white, but the

So, if there is no flooring in your room or home yet, go ahead, make your life a whole lot easier, and paint your walls first.the only drawback to painting before a wood floor refinishing service is that their floor buffer might scuff your baseboards.


Paint walls or floors first. But it only makes your job more difficult, plus it gums up the sandpaper. Paint everything but the baseboads first. When people start to renovate their homes, one of the most common questions is whether to do the walls or the floors first.

Any drops of latex will easily come off newly finished floors as well as any paint from the brush if it hits beneath the base molding. It seems to me that it. There is a possibility that the walls or trim may be damaged by the installation of the flooring.

Consider prepping your floors (sanding any needed areas) before covering with a drop cloth and painting. If you choose to paint first, these particles can land in your fresh coat of paint, marring the finish. Work building the walls, but considerably less work putting the floor.

My questions is whether i should refinish the floors first and the repaint, or do it the other way around. Simply so, do you paint first or refinish floors first? You could then put in your flooring and fix up the baseboards before covering.

You would have to sand deeply into that raw wood to remove the paint pigment. Paint that has dripped and hardened on a sealed surface will come off floor sanding. You can then put down some drop cloths and paint the walls.

Have floor guys site protect base and stairs or anything else that may get stain on it by accident. From there, you should rip up the floors. The last thing you want is painters walking around on your newly finished floors dropping tools and sliding ladders.

Reno floors/carpets first or paint walls first? This is where it pays to plan ahead. You'll soon know either flooring or paint comes first.

When i asked a refinishing company, they told me to paint first and when i talked to a paint company, they told me to refinish first. Flooring needs to be coupled with the appropriate underlay. Find out what acoustic ratings you need and what type of subfloor you have.

So many floors have been ruined simply because they were installad in the wrong order. Damage to walls from floor sanding is even easier to patch over and paint over than over the walls themselves. If you paint first, and then do floors, there is a good chance that a lot of dirt, dust, sawdust or tile/stone dust will end up on your freshly painted walls and trim.

Several variables come into play, knowing all the answers. If you paint the walls first, some homeowners may think that it is possible to paint with relative abandon, then sand out your paint drips. Covering the ceiling before your new flooring is finished will protect the finish from ladder marks.

The reason for that is that this can damage the floors. Would be much easier to lay down the entire subfloor and then place. Because the base molding will deffinately not get scraped up if the the paint is still fresh and the sander hits it a few times.

It isn't critical whether you install flooring or paint the walls first in an empty gutted room, but there are a few reasons why installing the flooring first might eliminate potential problems. When the flooring is newly installed; Often, some damage to the walls can occur.

This can leave your newly painted walls with unsightly marks and blemishes. In place (you would only need to cut plywood at the edge of the. The easy fix is to install your boards after completing the floors.

Determine to install flooring or paint first choosing whether to install flooring or paint interior trim first is a very popular question we are asked many times during the course of each year. Framed 2×4 walls on top of the floor.there would be just as much. Refinishing walls before painting floors.

So, even if you choose to paint the walls first, it's best to protect your flooring from paint drips. Prep your walls and ceiling, and then paint the ceiling first. Also, it’s often better to paint the ceilings first, especially given that the ladders will rest on the floors.

If you do the wall first, you. Maybe there is no right answer. This changes, however, depending on what flooring you’ll be installing.

To build the walls first, then the subfloor. Paint first, i always do floors last unless it is a total gut (like in a kitchen where you would want flooring in before cabinets and appliances so that you have a level surface to work with), as you do not want accidents or drips on your new floor! More accessible to coordinate the overall colour of the walls to the floor than simply painting the floor over it.

Have painter come back after floors are complete to paint base and do any minor touch ups. One reason why homeowners may want to paint the walls first is that they fear dripping or smearing paint on their newly finished floor.

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