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Add more and vote on your favourites! So please don't tell me to can it c:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary Rocky

00:07:35 to the bride's bouquet.


Rocky horror picture show brad quotes. Now i've on thing to say and that's damn it janet i love you. Janet b:the future is our's so let's plan it c: The rocky horror picture show (1975) 00:07:36 oh, brad.

00:07:32 you beat the other girls. → they're probably foreigners with ways different from our own. When in just seven days, oh baby, i can make you a man.

[rocky looks over to frank] dr. The rocky horror picture show was released over 40 years ago but is now as popular as ever before.the film follows brad majors (barry bostwick) and janet weiss (susan sarandon) as they go on a road trip after getting engaged and get stranded at dr. Do the snatch, clean and jerk.

Subscribe a newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of dr. They may do some more. The rocky horror picture show quotes.

We don't want to interfere with their celebration. Furter quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these frank n. Iconic quotes from the 'rocky horror picture show' one of the most entertaining musicals, the movie is full of popular dialogues out of which you will recognize at least one quote.

In just seven days, i can make you a man. There are so many frank n. Such strenuous living i just don't understand.

A mental mind fuck can be nice. Directed by jim sharman.written by jim sharman and richard o'brien, who also composed the songs. Oh, brad quotes › the rocky horror picture show.

Find all lines from this movie. The rocky horror picture show quotes 64 total quotes. Janet magenta riff raff the criminologist.

More memorable quotes from the rocky horror picture show. The river was deep but i swam it c: The best quotes from the rocky horror picture show (1975).

Dig it if you can. He thinks dynamic tension must be hard work. 5 reasons brad and janet are the perfect couple (& 5 reasons they should break up)

The rocky horror picture show: View quote he's okay! view quote [singing] everybody shoved him, i very nearly loved him i said, hey listen to me stay sane inside insanity, but he locked the door and threw away the key. With tim curry, susan sarandon, barry bostwick, richard o'brien.

The best quotes from the rocky horror picture show (1975). In turn, the film returns to movie theaters. → just a moment, janet.

Oh, brad, the rocky horror picture show quotes. → this isn't the junior chamber of commerce, brad! [singing] i'm just a sweet.

That's a rather tender subject. View quote [singing] it was great when it all began/ i was a regular frankie fan. In the very next scene, brad and janet are driving in brad's car, and president richard nixon's resignation speech is playing on the radio.

Portrayed by little nell, also known as nell campbell, she can be identified from her dark red hair, corset, top hat, and her whole outfit being covered in sequins. Columbia is a groupie in the rocky horror picture show. Janet, they're obviously foreigners, and this must be one of their national dances.

[rocky grunts] 0 share frank: Furter quotes are from the rocky horror picture show. Brad and the couple outside the church:

Add more and vote on your favourites!. View quote [after finding rocky and janet have had sex.] dr. The rocky horror picture show quotes brad majors:

The rocky horror picture show quotes. With brad and janet taking residence in the castle, they understand that it is actually quite dangerous for them.

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