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But is it really true? Hardwood floors look beautiful in homes and businesses.

Our Sandless Finish Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process can

In this article, we’ll delve into how sandless floor refinishing works.


Sandless floor refinishing process. Sanding hardwood floors is an expensive and arduous job that most of us would like to avoid. The term is used in various ways throughout the country. Floor companies, such as floor craft sanding, combine the traditional methods of sanding and refinishing with modern innovations to provide you with a service that is quick, virtually dust free, and environmentally friendly.

A newly refinished floor can beautify any room, but the process tends to get a little messy. Sandless refinishing can remove old, dull floor wax and polish, as well as paint splatters and certain other minor stains. The sandless floor refinishing process involves buffing the floors to remove surface scuffs and scratches.

The term, sandless floor refinishing, is incredibly misleading and does not belong categorized as wood floor refinishing. Sandless floor refinishing is our expertise! Safe for your children and pets.

Projects are typically completed within one business day! Captain sandless produces zero dust. The process is kid and pet friendly due to the ‘green’ products that we use.

Typically, the sandless method includes a process called wet burnishing. With this process, a flooring professional would place an abrasive disk, like a screen or wet 3m scrubbing pad, under a waxing machine and run it over. Often, sandless floor refinishing is advertised as a dustless refinishing process.

Then we seal your floor with multiple coats of our commercial grade sealer and finish. After the floor has been buffed and thoroughly cleaned, we apply a coating of an odorless, fast. Buff and recoat can be done in just a.

We're the company that invented sandless floor refinishing! Our process costs less than traditional floor sanding. This refinishing process is half the cost of sanding!

This process is a maintenance or sprucing up procedure for floors that have not yet worn to the point of needing a full sand & refinish. Sandless is the company that invented sandless refinishing! Unless there is a lot of preparation, we are usually in.

Sandless i came to understand, means that the top coat is roughened up just enough to apply a sealer that binds the original finish to the new polyurethane top coat. “sandless” companies claim that the traditional method of sanding and refinishing your floors is a week long process. However, it is impossible to refinish a hardwood floor without also sanding the old finishing off the bare wood.

There are two parts to sandless wood floor refinishing. We offer a safe clean alternative to traditional floor sanding. Here at floor craft sanding, our sanding and refinishing process is almost always completed in no more than two days.

Refinishing a floor with captain sandless does not require the use of heavy equipment, trailer mounted vacuum systems or intensive labor. Sandless floor refinishing, however, promises to give us a beautifully clean floor without all the sanding mess. The floor will only look as good as the underlying surface because these defects will remain visible along with swirl marks that are created by the screening process.

Sandless refinishing (also called buff & recoat) is a hassle free alternative to sanding and refinishing solid and engineered wood floors. However, they also require maintenance to maintain that beautiful look and so that they stay durable. We get a lot of people asking for their hardwood floor finish to be removed.

That is a false claim. How does a “sandless” floor refinishing process stand up to the floor craft sanding method? Sandless wood floor refinishing is the process of cleaning your hardwood floors.

Our traditional service uses wet solutions and our high speed machine to prepare your floor. The whole sandless process is similar to the final step in the full floor sanding and refinishing process. This makes the buffing process virtually dust free.

Just follow the cleaning steps, apply the bonding agent and then the.

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