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Lots of stuff in trading places, including insider trading, is illegal. Trading commodity futures is also a terrific way for individual investors to end up as broke as the dukes at the end of the movie.

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Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the trading places movie on


Trading places quotes sell sell sell. We all know greed is good. here is a host of other memorable movie lines. No thanks, guys, i already had breakfast this morning. The dukes had their own trading broker, wilson, working at the floor of the commodities market, so randolph actually says we've got to get wilson and tell him to sell!, and mortimer later says wilson, for christ's.

Sell to the suckers then comes the key line for the entire movie — a line that's almost unintelligible. There are so many unforgettable moments. The good part, william, is that, no matter whether our clients make money or lose money, duke & duke get the commissions.

He lives in a big house owned by his rich employers, has a beautiful rich fiancée, and exclusive country club memberships.during the opening minutes of the film, winthorpe. Their customer service is excellent. I ain't got time to be sitting in this cell with you.

The bid (sell) price is the price that traders can sell currency at, and the ask (buy) price is the price that traders can buy currency at. Don't try this at home. We are here to try to explain to you what it is we do here.

Best business quotes from the silver screen. Perhaps the most quoted comedy of all time (especially for gen xers), starring chevy chase, rodney dangerfield, bill murray, ted knight, and one very crafty gopher.quote: This is not a *meal,* valentine.

Last week, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of trading places, the greatest movie about finance ever made, with an oral history of the film. “ the process of selling my car was extremely simple, i still can’t believe it. Trading places, a 1983 comedy film directed by john landis, stars dan aykroyd, eddie murphy and jamie lee curtis.

Also, trading can be completely prohibited. They place their orders with us, and we buy, or sell, their gold for them. Trading places (1983) don ameche as mortimer duke.

Basically, he buys a lot of orange juice for very cheap, and sell it for a lot of money. Standing on the floor of the exchange, winthorpe (dan aykroyd) yells out: Randolph duke doesn't actually say sell, mortimer, sell! towards the end of the movie.

Thirty years ago, “trading places,” john landis‘ classic comedy, premiered to critical and commercial success.not only was it the 4 th highest grossing film of 1983 (making over $90 million. “ this has been one of the most seamless smoothest transactions i have ever experienced. This may seem confusing as it is only natural to think.

Tell him the good part. See the value of stellar in usd and other popular fiat and cryptocurrencies. Also, trading can be completely prohibited.

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