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Rabbits' teeth are constantly growing and need to be continually worn down by eating. Rabbits love all kinds of food, from healthy hay to fresh greens.

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In fact, a rabbit could have just hay and water to eat and be better off than a rabbit fed on commercial pellets and water.


Where can i buy hay for rabbits. Instead, they expel any extra through their kidneys (renal system). Hay is usually the messier component of keeping rabbits. Remember though, pellets should only be used as supplemental rabbit food.

Most strays will end up in the litter box. Just like their human friends, rabbits feel their best when they are fed a fresh, healthy diet. Nutritional experts advise that rabbits under 7 months of age should have alfalfa hay, then move to oat or timothy hay as they get older.

The trick is to keep the hay reasonably contained while still allowing easy access for the rabbits. For sale by amy reeves. Alfalfa contains higher concentrations of protein and calcium compared to timothy hay (table 1).

Wild rabbits will eat hay prepared for domestic rabbits. Rabbits need a diet rich in hay and greens because these foods are rich in the nutrients they need to keep them healthy. For example we have orchard grass, orchard/meadow mix, oat hay, alfalfa, 80/20, 50/50.

Their diet must consist of unlimited access to grass hay and/or grass. We have a huge selection of grain for horses, cows, goats, chickens, roosters, rabbits, pigs and sheep. Straw and hay are both dried grass products that look similar, but while hay is full of nutritional goodness for your rabbit, straw is only good for bedding.

Baskets can also work, but some. Rabbit hay should make up about 80% of the diet. Nutritionally speaking, however, they are very different.

Check out boltz growth hay for rabbits,guinea pigs and hamsters (600 gm) reviews, ratings, specifications and more at When alfalfa or timothy is used in a complete rabbit feed, the nutrients of the hay source. Buy boltz growth hay for rabbits,guinea pigs and hamsters (600 gm) online at low price in india on

Hay is the most important part of your rabbit's diet. Free shipping, cash on delivery available. Kidney stones, bladder stones, and bladder sludge (thickening of the urine).

Bunnies and rabbits should receive unlimited amounts of hay, and they can never eat too much. It can, however, be used in conjunction with a higher fiber, good quality, relatively immature 1st or 2nd cutting hay, and creates greater variety and interest in the chewing experience. It is our opinion that third cutting hay does not contain sufficient fiber content to be the only hay in the diet of most rabbits.

Domestic rabbits its recommend to be 70% of their diet. Rabbits can nibble on the seagrass mat too. Your pet rabbit should have fresh hay available in their habitat every day.

Here are the best rabbit toys you can buy. Alfalfa hay and timothy hay are both forage sources commonly used in rabbit and guinea pig diets. Rabbits need hay to eat;

Finally we reopened on may 5, 2014. The other 20% should come from fresh greens and pellets. Common types of grass hay for rabbits and guinea pigs include timothy hay, oaten hay, meadow hay and paddock hay.

4 black and white 3 golden and white mixed litter looking for loving new homes preference for them to go in pairs from a loving home very well handled any questions please ask £50 each collection from tonbridge or eastbourne can be arranged ready for new homes from 2nd oct. We opened our doors december 2008 until our old building was set on fire on jan 9, 2014. If a bunny gets too much calcium from foods (alfalfa hay or too many pellets), it can cause serious problems:

The importance of a balanced diet. A hay rack placed over the litter box is one alternative. Unlike other animals, rabbits can’t get rid of excess calcium through their poop.

As your pet rabbit begins to mature, you can start adding more hay and vegetables to their daily diet. Or, hay can be placed directly in the litter box. If you are keeping your rabbit inside most of the time or they do not have access to grass for several hours a day you can use grass hay as an alternative fibre source.

We sell several different types of hay.

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